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Filmuy is a service that allows you to open a video sales site for free. (https://filmuy.com)
Video sales site that you see here is also utilizing the Filmuy has been established and operated.
Certain period of time, will enable the streaming player on the Filmuy. (You can not download the video file.)

30 days after the purchase, it is possible to download video files. Also 30 days can also be streaming watch videos on Filmuy. Downloaded video files can be watched indefinitely on your device.
※ Note on usage environment
For the iOS terminal, because of the nature of the OS, the concept of "downloading files" is not prepared, so please be careful when downloading on iOS terminal.
If you download and purchase on iOS device, you can log in to another terminal such as PC with purchase login e-mail address and download it or save the file by using another company's download application Is possible.

All site videos will be able to stream viewing. (You can not download the video file.)
After purchase, as long as that is not terminated the contract will be automatically updated.
No, you do not need to buy. It can also be viewed first newly added videos in minutes had you payment.
Yes, payment by credit card will be automatically made since the next month.
Credit card settlement of Visa · Master · Amex, or you may use the PayPal.
After logging in, you will be able to unsubscribe from the ACCOUNT page.
I'm sorry. It can not be canceled after purchase.
By such as video sales site of administration policy, there is a case where the video is deleted.
such as when the high of the video had all been removed, because if it is considered that the vicious and we will respond, please contact the support of Filmuy.
1.Please login to the site with the e-mail address and password entered when you purchased.
2. Please make sure not elapsed viewing period of the video.
3.In-app browsers (LINE, Instagram, etc.) may not be played properly. In that case, please try from the standard browser.
4. Please check the network environment of your terminal (PC / smart phone).
5. If you're looking at the HD image quality, there is a case that can be played smoothly and to switch to the SD image quality. HD / SD switching can be done with the button at the bottom right of the playback player.

6. Depending on the player, if the playback is stopped in once for the video read, there is that there is a need to press the play button again in order to play again. In the case of the player, please try to press the play button.
7.VR movies may not be playable on some models of iOS and Android.

If the problem persists, please contact technical support.
If you do not receive the e-mail when purchasing, please confirm the following points.
・Is there any mistake in the email address? Please check the e-mail address registered here.
・Please set to allow "filmuy.com" domain if you have set e-mail reception refusal setting.
・Since it may enter the spam mail folder, please confirm also there.

If you can not solve the problem above, please contact support.
We support the latest version of the latest version of each OS · standard browser(Regarding VR movies, some models of iOS and Android may not be able to play).
Although it may be available in other browsers and browser versions, it is important to note that the safe and secure use environment is the latest version and that the latest security update programs are applied to them We recommend you to check.

In addition, since in-app browsers may not work properly, please use standard browser.
If you can not see the movie, please check here.
If you have purchased a monthly billing, and carry out the withdrawal, cancellation, subsequent automatic billing will be stopped. If you would like to delete your account, (including credit card information) your information from on Filmuy in addition to it it will be deleted all. Since viewing such as login and videos will not be able to all, please note.