• About video management

    I can't upload a video.

    If you cannot upload the video, please check the following points.
    -Whether you selected a video file and pressed the "Upload" button.
    ・ It may take several minutes to several tens of minutes to upload the video depending on the video size and line conditions. Please wait without moving the screen until the upload is completed.
    ・ In rare cases, uploading may fail. In that case, it will be displayed in red on the screen to the effect that it failed. In that case, please contact support.

    Are there any restrictions on uploading videos?

    You can upload up to 4G for free in total for the entire shop. If you want to upload 4G or more, we have a paid plan, so please see the paid plan page.

    Are there any videos that are banned from sale?

    To sell a video, please upload at least one video to be sold and apply for sale. It can be sold only if it passes the examination. Please see Terms of Service for prohibited videos.

    Is it okay to use music freely for the BGM of the video?

    Filmuy does not enter into a comprehensive contract with a copyright management organization such as JASRAC, so if you want to use music CDs for BGM, you need to obtain a license from the copyright holder. there is. Please contact JASRAC etc. for details.

    Please tell me the supported video file formats.

    There are no restrictions on the file format, but if it is too special, the encoding for playback on Filmuy may fail. We support all common file formats.
    Filmuy can open a video sales shop for free, so please register below and try uploading the video.

    Can I publish free videos?

    You can publish free videos. Please use it at the beginning of the video to be sold or in the introduction video of the seller. Streaming only. It cannot be downloaded.

    Is it possible to sell VR videos?

    Yes. It is possible. Upload 360 degree VR video to the video editing page of the management screen,
    It can be distributed and sold just by checking the item "360 degree video".

    Is there a function to change the playback speed?

    You cannot change the playback speed with Filmuy streaming.

    Is it possible to embed a video on another site or blog?

    You cannot embed videos on other sites or blogs. If you want to direct from another site, please put a link to the shop opened in FIlmuy.

    I want to stop selling videos.

    If you want to stop selling, go to the management screen
    Home > Video > Video Management > Video Editing
    Set "Rental sale" and "Download sale" to "No".
    If you want to stop monthly sales
    Please set "No" for "Sell for unlimited monthly viewing" in Home > Video > Sales method on the management screen.

    I want to delete a video

    You can delete it from Home > Video > Video Management > Video Editing on the management screen by clicking the "Delete" button at the bottom.
    If the viewing period of the user who has already purchased remains, it cannot be deleted or unpublished.
    Please delete it after the viewing period ends.
    If you have set the sale as a set, please remove it from the set and delete it.