Recently asked inquiries

I can't upload a video.

If you cannot upload the video, please check the following points.
-Whether you selected a video file and pressed the "Upload" button.
・ It may take several minutes to several tens of minutes to upload the video depending on the video size and line conditions. Please wait without moving the screen until the upload is completed.
・ In rare cases, uploading may fail. In that case, it will be displayed in red on the screen to the effect that it failed. In that case, please contact support.

I can't log in to the shop management screen

The following is the login screen.
Please log in with the email address and password you registered when you opened the shop.
If you have forgotten your password, please reset it here.
If you forget your email address
Please contact us from the inquiry form with the following information and the fact that you cannot log in.
・Shop URL
・shop's name

Please tell me the costs such as usage fees and fees.

There is no monthly fee or initial fee for opening the shop.

Only when the video is purchased, a handling fee of 20% of the sales amount and a settlement fee will be charged.
Please see How to Receive Sales Price for details on fees.
If the total upload volume of the video shop exceeds 4G, you need to apply for a monthly paid plan. For details, see About paid plans.

Please tell me how to receive the sales price.

Unsettled sales on the sales management page of the management screen Please apply for settlement from the "Settle" button.
* You can apply for sales up to the previous month.
The transfer fee is 300 yen.
The actual amount to be transferred is calculated as follows.
Upper price --Filmuy usage fee (sales price x commission rate (20%) x consumption tax) --Settlement fee (sales price x settlement fee rate * 1) --Transfer fee
For example, if it is sold to 20 people for 500 yen per month (when all payments are made by credit card),
(500 x 20)-(500 x 20 x 0.2 x 1.10)-(500 x 20 x 0.0325) --300 = 7175
It will be.

* 1. The commission rate varies depending on the payment method. It is 3.25% for credit card payment, 3.6% for Paypal payment (3.9% for overseas), and 4.5% for Amazon Pay.

Please tell me the viewing period and payment date when selling with unlimited monthly viewing.

The next settlement date will be one month after the date of purchase of unlimited monthly viewing.
For example, if you purchase on July 7, the next payment date will be August 7.
Since it is not closed on the 1st, you can watch it for a month even from the middle of the month.

I want to stop selling videos. I want to stop selling to new buyers.

If a user has already purchased the product and has a viewing period remaining, it cannot be deleted or made private.

If you want to stop selling new videos, please go to
Home > Video > Video Management > Video Editing
If you want to stop selling new videos, go to Home > Video > Video Management > Video Editing and select "No" for "Rentals" and "Downloads".

If you want to stop monthly sales
Go to Home > Video > Sales Method and select "No" under "Sell as many videos as you want".

I want to delete a video

You can delete it from Home > Video > Video Management > Video Editing on the management screen by clicking the "Delete" button at the bottom.
If the viewing period of the user who has already purchased remains, it cannot be deleted or unpublished.
Please delete it after the viewing period ends.
If you have set the sale as a set, please remove it from the set and delete it.

I would like to sell it to a specific person only. Can I use a password?

It is possible to set a password for the entire shop you have opened.
It can only be sold to those who know the password.
* When selling multiple videos, you cannot set a password for each video or category.
To set a password, log in to the management screen
Home > Basic settings > Shop settings
Set "Set password for site" to "Yes".

I want to change the shop plan.

Upgraded paid plans, switched free plans, etc.
You can change the plan from the following.
From Home> Basic Settings> Plan Settings on the management screen
Choose your favorite plan and register your credit card.

Is it possible to analyze access?

If you apply for paid plan , you can add Google Analytics tags.

The only content that can be analyzed is that it can be obtained with Google Analytics.
It is not possible to analyze how many times a video has been played, how many minutes it has been watched, which user has watched which video, and how many times.

Inquiries about the Invoice System

■ How can store managers claim input tax deductions?
For store managers to apply for input tax deductions on fees such as those from Filmuy, it is necessary to retain qualified invoices issued by Filmuy Inc. From October 2023 onwards, the following emails sent from our company will serve as the qualified invoices and delivery notes, hence they need to be retained:

Sales revenue settlement
Subscription to the paid plan

If you need the qualified invoice business registration number of Filmuy Inc. for your store operations, please use the following number:
Qualified Invoice Issuer (Invoice Registration Number): T7010001172087

■ How can video purchasers claim input tax deductions?
In the store's setting screen, you can choose whether to issue an invoice to the purchaser. If issuing an invoice, it is required to fill in the "Invoice Registration Number" and "Invoice Registered Business Name" in the shop settings of the admin panel. When a video is purchased, the "Invoice Registration Number" and "Invoice Registered Business Name" will be included in the "Purchase Completion Email" sent to the purchaser.