What is Filmuy?
Filmuy is an online service that you can easily create a website to sell videos online. You can start casually with no initial cost.
No cost at all to use your service?
Only when you actually make a sale, we will deduct 20% of the selling price as a service fee.
In case you want to increase your storage space which has a limit of 4G for free users, you can upgrade your status to a paid plan. Check here for the pricing.
There is no additional cost required for anything but we mentioned above.
Do I need anything before signing up?
You need to have your own e-mail address and a Paypal account to receive payment.
Tell me about the procedure to start an online video store
1)Sign up here with your email address and password
2)After entering some information required and uploading videos in the management screen, you will be able to apply for the launch.
3)We check your contents and your store will be set up in a week or so if there is no problem.
Is there a storage limit?
You can upload videos up to 4G. We also have paid plans if you want to increase your storage space.
Check here for the pricing.
Can I change my store's website URL?
Once your store has been set up, you cannot change your website URL. If you are still on the process, click here.
How do I change my store's design?
You can change designs on the design editing page in the management screen
I have a problem uploading videos
Please check followings:
・ Make sure you select the file and hit the Upload button
・ It may take a few minutes or 10 to 20 minutes depend on the file size and line status. Please stay on the same page till the uploading is completed.
・ If you fail to upload and the screen shows a failure message, Please contact us for support.
How do I collect payment?
You can collect payment from Paypal.
Can I sell videos only as a monthly subscription, or only as a single item?
You can do either way.
Can I set the viewing period on a single item?
You can set 3 days, 7 days or 30 days to access the video. This period will be applied to all the single items in your store.
Tell me about the billing system.
Customers can watch all the videos in your store with a monthly fee you set. Subscription will be automatically renewed every month untill they cancel their membership.
Can I sell downloadable videos?
Yes, also it supports to download sales.
For download purchased video is available for 30 days download after purchase (the meantime, also enables the streaming player on Filmuy.)
Can I use whatever music I like for the BGM?
If you want to use a copyrighted music, such as a music CD, you need to get permission from the copyright holder. We do not have any comprehensive contract with copyright management associations (JASRAC).
How do I receive my proceeds?
As the sales management page is under development, please contact us from the management screen.
The amount you receive will be caluculated as follows:
proceeds - service fee ( proceeds × 20% × tax ) - paypal commission ( (proceeds × 3.9%) + (0.3USD * Settlement number of times) ) - paypal transfer fee
How do I cancel the membership?
Please contact us from the management screen.