Frequently asked questions and answers collections are available.
If there is something you do not understand, please have a look before you contact us.

Video cannot be viewed.
1.Please login to the site with the e-mail address and password entered when you purchased.
2. Please make sure not elapsed viewing period of the video.
3.In-app browsers (LINE, Instagram, etc.) may not be played properly. In that case, please try from the standard browser.
4. Please check the network environment of your terminal (PC / smart phone).
5. If you're looking at the HD image quality, there is a case that can be played smoothly and to switch to the SD image quality. HD / SD switching can be done with the button at the bottom right of the playback player.

6. Depending on the player, if the playback is stopped in once for the video read, there is that there is a need to press the play button again in order to play again. In the case of the player, please try to press the play button.
7.VR movies may not be playable on some models of iOS and Android.

If the problem persists, please contact technical support.
I have not received my email.
If you do not receive the e-mail when purchasing, please confirm the following points.
・Is there any mistake in the email address? Please check the e-mail address registered.
・Please set to allow "" domain if you have set e-mail reception refusal setting.
・Since it may enter the spam mail folder, please confirm also there.

If you can not solve the problem above, please contact support.
I can not download movies
Download is possible on iOS13.
If your device is iOS12 or earlier, you will not be able to download and save files to the device using the normal method. In that case, update to iOS13 and download it, or use a download application made by another company.
I want to stop selling videos. I want to stop selling to new buyers.
If a user has already purchased the product and has a viewing period remaining, it cannot be deleted or made private.

If you want to stop selling new videos, please go to
Home > Video > Video Management > Video Editing
If you want to stop selling new videos, go to Home > Video > Video Management > Video Editing and select "No" for "Rentals" and "Downloads".

If you want to stop monthly sales
Go to Home > Video > Sales Method and select "No" under "月額見放題で販売する".
I want to make my video private.
If the viewing period of a user who has already purchased the service is still in effect, it cannot be deleted or made private.
Please make it private after the end of the viewing period.
If you are doing domain designation, such as junk mail settings, career mail, etc., it may not be possible to receive reply mail. Please set reception permission for 「」.