About payment method

What payment method can I use?

You can use Visa / Master / Amex credit card payment, PayPal, ApplePay, and AmazonPay (Click here for support browser).
* Apple Pay currently only supports Amex and Mastercard.
* Amazon Pay cannot be used if you purchase unlimited monthly viewing.

I don't have a credit card.

We do not support bank transfers. If you do not have a credit card, we would appreciate it if you could use a Visa debit card or V Preca.

I want you to issue a receipt

Regarding the receipt, we will replace it with the email sent after the payment is completed when you purchase the video.

We do not issue receipts such as documents, but the e-mail that is automatically issued at the time of purchase will be the proof.
I presume that you have received a request for tax processing, but I think that it is possible to treat it as an expense by printing out the corresponding email, so please consult with a tax accountant etc. for details.

Please tell me the supported browsers

Basically, we support the latest version of each OS and the latest version of the standard browser (VR videos may not be playable on some iOS and Android models).
It may be available in other browsers and browser versions, but for safe and reliable use, please make sure that your environment is the latest version and that the latest security updates have been applied to them. We recommend that you check it.

Also, please use the standard browser as it may not work properly with the in-app browser (LINE, Instagram, etc.).

[Use from PC]
・ Microsoft Edge latest version
・ Mozilla Firefox latest version
・ Safari latest version
・ Google Chrome latest version
* Internet Explorer is not supported.

・ IOS: Safari latest version
・ Android: Google Chrome latest version

If you can't watch the video, please see "I can't watch the video" .

I purchased it, but the video has been deleted.

Depending on the management policy of the video sales site, the video may be deleted.
If you think that it is malicious, such as when all the expensive videos have been deleted, we will respond, so please contact Filmuy support.

How will it appear on my credit card invoice?

It is described as "Filmuy".

I want to change my credit card

If you want to change your credit card
After LOGIN, you can change your credit card from the ACCOUNT page.
Enter a new number etc. from "Change Credit Card" and click the "Change" button to complete.

I want to change my email address

After LOGIN, you can change your email address from the ACCOUNT page.

Enter your new email address from "Change Email Address" and click the "Change" button to complete.

Is there a function to change the playback speed?

You cannot change the playback speed with Filmuy streaming.

The shop has a password

The video is on sale for a limited time. The password will be the one contacted by the seller at the time of purchase, so please enter that password.
If you cannot enter the shop even if you enter the password, please contact us.

I want materials about Filmuy

We do not have any materials such as pdf or paper.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

I want materials about Filmuy

There is no comment deletion function. Please contact us if you would like to delete the comment.

I want to contact the video seller

If there is no contact information such as an email address on the shop's ABOUT page
The shop you are purchasing
Please open "Click here for inquiries and requests" at the bottom.
"Click here for messages to the shop such as impressions and requests about the contents of the video"
You can contact the video seller using the "→ Send a message" or "→ Community" form.