• About shop opening and login

    What is Filmuy?

    It is a service that anyone can easily open a video sales shop.
    There is no initial cost and you can start easily.

    I want to open a shop


    Please enter your e-mail address and password from the above to open.
    We will send you an e-mail for the main registration with the URL of the management screen. Please log in from that URL.

    I haven't received the official registration email for opening the shop

    If you do not receive the email, please check the following points.
    ・Is there a mistake in the email address?
    ・If you have set to reject emails, please set to allow the "filmuy.com" domain.
    ・ You may get stuck in your junk mail folder, so please check that as well.
    If you entered the wrong email address when registering, please re-register.

    Is there a cost to use Filmuy?

    There is no monthly fee or initial fee to open a video sales shop.
    If the video capacity exceeds 4GB, you need to apply for a paid plan.
    Paid Plan .
    If the video is sold, a service fee, transfer fee, etc. will be charged.
    For details, please see How to receive sales .

    Can anyone sell it?

    Both corporations and individuals can register.
    There is a review for sales.

    What do I need to open a video sales shop?

    You will need your email address and a bank account to transfer the sales proceeds.

    Please tell me the procedure to open a video sales shop.

    1) If you want to sell video content, please enter your e-mail address and password from https://filmuy.com/ to apply. For material sales, please apply from https://filmuy.com/stock. (Please note that you cannot switch between content sales and material sales after applying. If you make a mistake in applying, please contact support.)
    2) You can apply to open a video sales shop by setting the shop, entering the application information and uploading at least one video on the management screen.
    3) If there is no problem with the content, a video sales shop will be opened in about 3 days.

    How many days does it take to apply to open a video sales shop?

    Please upload at least one application information and videos to be sold (samples are possible), and apply from the "Apply" button.
    If there is no problem with the content, we will contact you by email for about 3 days.

    Can I change the URL of the video sales shop?

    If you haven't passed the examination, you can change it here. It cannot be changed after passing the examination.

    I can't log in to the shop management screen

    The following is the login screen.
    Please log in with the email address and password you registered when you opened the shop.
    If you have forgotten your password, please reset it here.
    If you forget your email address
    Please contact us from the inquiry form with the following information and the fact that you cannot log in.
    ・Shop URL
    ・shop's name

    Will the address and name of the application information be disclosed?

    As a general rule, the seller's name and address will not be published on the site,
    If there is any trouble between the video shop and the video purchaser and we deem it necessary
    We may disclose it to video purchasers.
    In that case, we will contact the video seller.

    I want to withdraw / close the shop

    You can unsubscribe from "Unsubscribe" in the "Other Functions" menu on the management screen.
    If you cancel your membership, the information will be completely deleted and you will not be able to resume operations. Please note.
    * You cannot unsubscribe if there are users watching. Please stop selling the video and cancel the membership after the user disappears.
    * Please delete all uploaded videos.
    * If there is unpaid sales, please settle.