• About sales method and shop function

    Is it possible to sell unlimited monthly sales?

    You can sell all the videos of the shop by streaming for unlimited monthly.
    It will be automatically settled every month.
    Please select the sales method from here.

    Is it possible to sell (rent) separately?

    There is a streaming rental sale.
    You can choose the rental period from 3 days / 7 days / 30 days.
    For other periods, we can accept customized payments, so please contact us.
    Please select a sales method from here.

    Is it possible to sell by download?

    Download sales are also supported.
    Download You can download the purchased video for 30 days after purchase.
    (During that time, you will be able to watch streaming on Filmuy.)
    You can watch the downloaded video indefinitely.
    Please select a sales method from here.

    Please tell me the difference in how to sell videos

    ※ Note on usage environment
    Download is possible on iOS13.
    Note that the concept of “downloading a file” is not provided for devices using iOS12 or earlier.
    If you purchased a download on a device before iOS12, save the file by logging in to another device such as a PC with the login email address at the time of purchase, or by using a download application made by another company. Is possible.

    Is it possible to sell videos as a set?

    It is possible to select multiple videos, set the price of the set, and sell it.
    It is a method of selling as a set, but after logging in to the management screen
    Please upload the video from HOME > Video > Upload
    HOME > Video > Select the video you want to sell as a set from the green button "Create set sale" at the top right of Video Management.

    I would like to sell it to a specific person only. Can I use a password?

    It is possible to set a password for the entire shop you have opened.
    It can only be sold to those who know the password.
    * When selling multiple videos, you cannot set a password for each video or category.
    To set a password, log in to the management screen
    Home > Basic settings > Shop settings
    Set "Set password for site" to "Yes".

    About test purchase

    Not available for test purchases.
    If you really want to check it, please set the price of the video to the lowest price (100 yen) and actually purchase it.
    * Please note that fees are non-refundable.
    Also, please password the shop so that it will not be purchased by other people.

    I want materials about Filmuy

    We do not have any materials such as pdf or paper.
    You can open it for free with just your email address, so please try it and see the management screen.

    I want to customize the shop

    Please contact us for your desired customizations.

    I want to mail teaching materials to video viewers.

    We do not collect information such as the viewer's address.
    Please contact us as we can customize it.

    I want to contact the viewer directly.

    We do not disclose the viewer's personal information to the seller.
    Please contact us if you have any troubles that you really want to know.

    I want to change the shop plan.

    Upgraded paid plans, switched free plans, etc.
    You can change the plan from the following.
    From Home> Basic Settings> Plan Settings on the management screen
    Choose your favorite plan and register your credit card.

    I want to stop the comment function.

    On the management screen
    Set "Allow comments on videos" to "No" in Home> Basic Settings> Shop Settings.

    Is it possible to analyze access?

    If you apply for paid plan , you can add Google Analytics tags.

    The only content that can be analyzed is that it can be obtained with Google Analytics.
    It is not possible to analyze how many times a video has been played, how many minutes it has been watched, which user has watched which video, and how many times.