• About material sales

    Difference between content sales and material sales.

    Material sales allow video editors to buy and download material videos and freely process and use the materials.
    * Download sales only.
    The sales commission is 30%

    For content sales, the video itself will be viewed and will not be available for secondary use.
    You can choose from unlimited monthly viewing, rental sales, and download sales.
    The fee will be 20%.

    I made a mistake and opened it from content sales.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please register again from the material sales.
    If you use the same e-mail address, please cancel the content sales.

    Is there a review for each video?

    No, the examination is only the first store opening examination. After passing the examination, you can freely sell the material video within the scope of the terms of use.

    What is the rate of return?

    It will be 70% (payment fee, consumption tax and transfer fee will be charged separately. Please see here for details).

    Is there a limit to the capacity, length, and number of videos that can be uploaded?

    There is no special limit as long as it is within the capacity of each plan.

    What format will the videos sold be in?

    Since the purchaser will download the uploaded video file as it is, the format of the uploaded video will be the same.

    Is it possible to sell VR video material?

    Yes. It is possible.

    Is there a material search site?

    It is currently in preparation. We will publish a newsletter about the development status from time to time, so please register.

    Is it possible to sell materials that are also sold on other material sites?

    Yes, you can sell it. However, if you have an exclusive / exclusive contract, etc., you may be in breach of contract in relation to that site, so please check the terms of use of the relevant material site for details.