About watching videos

What is rental

It is a rental sale of videos. You can watch it as many times as you like by streaming during the rental period. There is no automatic renewal due to purchase.
For more information, please see "What is the difference in how to purchase videos?" .

What is a download

If you purchase the download, you can download the file to a terminal such as a PC or smartphone.
The download period will be 30 days. You can also watch it by streaming in the shop for 30 days.
You can watch the downloaded file indefinitely.
For more information, please see "What is the difference in how to purchase videos?" .

What is all-you-can-see

You can watch all the videos in the shop by streaming.
In the case of unlimited monthly payment, payment will be made automatically from the payment method registered every month.
For more information, please see "What is the difference in how to purchase videos?" .

I want to copy the downloaded file

Please watch the download sale on the downloaded PC or smartphone. Copying the downloaded file to an SD reader or DVD is not covered by the warranty.

Please tell me the difference in how to purchase videos

※ Note on usage environment
Download is possible on iOS13.
Note that the concept of “downloading a file” is not provided for devices using iOS12 or earlier.
If you purchased a download on a device before iOS12, save the file by logging in to another device such as a PC with the login email address at the time of purchase, or by using a download application made by another company. Is possible.

I can not download.

In the case of smartphones, an error may occur due to communication conditions or insufficient capacity of the terminal you are using.
Please free up space on your device, connect to Wi-Fi, etc. and try it in a place with good communication conditions.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, the concept of "downloading a file" is not provided for devices with iOS 13 or lower due to the nature of the OS.
If your device is iOS, you will not be able to save files to your device.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please upgrade to iOS13 or download it on another device such as a PC.

I can't watch the video

1. Please log in to the site with the email address and password you entered when you purchased.
2. Make sure that the video viewing period has not expired.
3. It may not be played normally from the in-app browser (LINE, Instagram, etc.). In that case, please try from a standard browser.
4. Check the network environment of your device (PC / smartphone).
5. If you are viewing in HD quality, you may be able to play back smoothly by switching to SD quality. You can switch between HD / SD with the button at the bottom right of the playback player.

6. Depending on the player, once playback stops due to video loading, you may need to press the play button again to play it again. For that player, try pressing the play button.
7. VR videos may not be playable on some iOS and Android models.

If the problem persists, please contact .

I can't hear the sound of the video

Make sure the volume is turned on.

It is possible that your iPhone itself is in silent mode.
Please check the silent mode instead of adjusting the volume of the video.
The following may be helpful for you to know about silent mode.

If the problem persists, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Do I have to buy again if new videos are added with unlimited viewing?

No, you don't have to buy it. If you are charging, you can watch newly added videos for the amount you paid.

Is all-you-can-see (monthly) automatic payment?

Yes, credit card payment will be made automatically after the next month.
Not updated if you purchased "rental" and "download" sales.

Please tell me the viewing period if you subscribe to all-you-can-view (monthly) from the middle of the month.

The next settlement date will be one month after the date of purchase of unlimited monthly viewing.
For example, if you purchase on July 7, the next payment date will be August 7.
(Since it is not closed on one day, you can watch it for one month even from the middle of the month)

I want to cancel my purchase

Sorry. We do not accept video cancellations.

How long can I download if I purchase it?

You can download it for 30 days after purchase.

Can I purchase and watch from overseas?

It may not be possible to watch in some countries.
If you can watch the free video, you can watch it after purchase.

Please tell me the supported browsers

Basically, we support the latest version of each OS and the latest version of the standard browser (VR videos may not be playable on some iOS and Android models).
It may be available in other browsers and browser versions, but for safe and reliable use, please make sure that your environment is the latest version and that the latest security updates have been applied to them. We recommend that you check it.

Also, please use the standard browser as it may not work properly with the in-app browser (LINE, Instagram, etc.).

[Use from PC]
・ Microsoft Edge latest version
・ Mozilla Firefox latest version
・ Safari latest version
・ Google Chrome latest version
* Internet Explorer is not supported.

・ IOS: Safari latest version
・ Android: Google Chrome latest version

If you can't watch the video, please see "I can't watch the video" .