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Flower Soap Design

・自己紹介 Introduce myself
・ビデオレッスンについて About my video lesson
・フラワーコンフェティって? What is flower confetti soap?

手作り石けん教室「Flower Soap Design」のビデオレッスンでは、

I am a handmade soap instructor and supervising soap making class, "Flower Soap Design" in Japan.

I have lectured about the various soap designs which is made with cold-process method and how to create my original floral decorations (flower confetti soap Ⓡ) .


All of the flower confetti soap are invented by "Flower Soap Design".
And now, more than 70 varieties of flower confetti are already created.


I would like to teach how to make flower confetti soap for people all over the world.
So, I decided to release video lessons.
And moreover, the English translation is provided, so people all over the world.


I hope that this class will be help to bloom the beautiful flowers on your own soap!

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