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The notation on specific trade law

Sales business's name:Filmuy.inc

Sales manager:Yuko Watanabe

Sales person Location:Tokyo-to Chuo-ku Ginza 7-13-6 Sagami Building 2F


Telephone number:03-5859-0006 (Various inquiries thank you from the inquiry form.)

Sale price:sales price, it will assume the displayed amount (display price / consumption tax).

Required in addition to commodity price and expenses:None

Price of the payment time:viewing application and simultaneous

Payment method of payment:payment by credit card

Delivery time and method of products:application and simultaneous

The cancellation conditions:if it is within the contract period, you will be able to cancel at any time. In the case of monthly billing, but does not the next month of service delivery as well as claims and let cancellation. Procedure of cancellation You can be done anytime from the management screen any time. It does not receive refund by the middle cancellation.

Returned or defective handling conditions:Due to the nature of the product, I shall exchange or return of goods are not accepted.