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Filmuy Terms of Use

To the case of use is Filmuy, so apply this "Filmuy Terms of Use" is, before you use, please be sure to read.

About Article 1 Terms and Conditions]
1. (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms".) "Filmuy Terms of Use", the service provider (hereinafter referred to as the "site".) Of the service provider web site and application of all of the services provided in (hereinafter referred to as the "Service".) It is the thing which defines the terms and conditions of. If it is your use of the Service, you are deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
2. Service provider, when it is determined that there is considerable grounds, without obtaining prior consent of the user, the service provider's discretion and shall be able to modify these terms at any time .
3. Terms and Conditions after the change, except if the service provider specifies otherwise, it shall take effect from the time that you displayed on this site. In addition, after the effect of the change of this Terms of Use has occurred, when the user is available this service, it is assumed that you agree to the Terms and Conditions after the change.
4. If you like the new establishment and change of the Terms and Conditions have been made, even for acts that have been made by the user prior to the establishment and change of the convention, and Terms of after such as the enactment and changes have been made , it is enforced.
5. Even if all or part of certain provisions of the Terms and Conditions is determined to be invalid on the basis of laws and regulations, other provisions of the portion other than the ineffective portion of such provision and the Terms and Conditions as valid You. Part of the Terms and Conditions is invalid between a specific user, or canceled, even if was, this Terms of Use will be effective in relation to the other user.
6. Even if you do not exercise or perform the right to be shown in these Terms and Conditions, the service provider does not waive the right.

[Article 2 definitions]
Meanings of the terms used in the present Terms and Conditions, it has as provided in each of the following items.

1. the "user", regardless of the presence or absence of user registration, and is referred to everyone utilizing this service.
2. The term "registrant", (including the services provided by not not pay function free function only.) This service performs the user registration process on the basis of the third paragraph 2 is referred to those who make use of.
3. The term "user registration" means that it is registered in the server of the service provider as a user of Filmuy.
4. the "Password", the registrant is registered at the time of the registration process, or make changes procedure after registration, it is called a sequence of letters and numbers to identify the register in person.
5. as "registration information", the nickname, e-mail address, password, zip code, date of birth, sex, and the like, the registrant will say the information was registered at the time of registration procedures.
6. a "notification information", in addition to the registration information, address, name, phone number, occupation, bank account, credit card number, etc., is called the information registrant has notified to the service provider.
7. the "get information", registration information, in addition to notification information, the user of the IP address, usage, history, location information, the user terminal, the fact, etc. If that could not credit settlement, service providers It says all of the information related to the user to retrieve.
8. The "Personal Information", specific user and can be easily matched with the information (other information which can be identified, thereby including those that would be able to identify a specific user trout.) called the.
9. The "information related to the user attribute", zip code, gender, occupation, age, ever in the commodity was our service and purchase that had you use, page ads have seen, in your time zone, available of how, in your environment, etc., refers to those except for the personal information of the acquired information.

[Article 3 user registration]
1. This service it is also possible to assist our available without the user registration, but if you if you use some of the services out of this service will require user registration.
2. (hereinafter referred to as the "applicant".) The user who wishes to user registration, on the consent to these Terms and Conditions, you will be performing a service provider predetermined registration procedure.
3. The service provider performs the examination required per your application content that has been input along in the preceding paragraph of the procedure, if you want to accept the user registration of the applicant, to register the your application content as registration information, Upon sign up We will assume the intention of the service provider's consent by distributing the URL to the entered email address. It should be noted that, as a result of the examination of your application content, if you want to fall under any of the following, you may not accept the user registration by the service provider's discretion.
(1) applicant is, one of the case on the grounds that it violates the Terms and Conditions is a person who received a disposition to be determined from the service provider to Paragraph 1 of Article 14 or Article 13 sections each item in the past If there are applicable or relevant risk to
(2) If any other service provider was deemed inappropriate
4. The service provider, in addition to the preceding paragraph, regardless of the pre-post of user registration, and examine your application content or registration information of the applicant or registrant, If you try to correspond to the following items which the service provider has determined The, by the service provider of the judgment, it is assumed that it is possible to cancel the user registration.
(1) If the applicant or the registrant does not exist
(2) If the applicant or registrant does not have the capable of sending and receiving e-mail address
(3) Article 14 at the time of the application you are punished provided for in Paragraph 1, or fall into one or Article 13 sections each item if there is that you have received in the past or the corresponding fear If there
(4) If there is a false statement by deliberately your application content or registration information
(5) The applicant or registrant minors, an adult ward, is one of the person under curatorship or person under assistance, registration procedure is not performed by an adult guardian, or in the registration process, legal representative, if you have not obtained the consent of the curator or the assistant
(6) If any other service provider is determined to be unsuitable the user registration of the applicant or registrant

[Article 4 paid services]
If the service provider out of this service is available and pay services provided by paid feature, it shall be subject to the provisions of the Terms of Use on the pay service to the provisions separately.

[Management of Article 5 e-mail address and password]
1. registrant, for the e-mail address and password, and shall carry out the management under the self-responsibility, respect any disadvantages and damage registrant suffered for registration information was inaccurate or false, the service provider who is does not assume any responsibility.
2. service providers, e-mail address and password entered at login, if you have to be consistent with the registered e-mail address and password confirmed by a predetermined method, considered the login and genuine registrant of login, It will consider the use by the registrant.

[Handling of Article 6 personal information]
Service providers relates to personal information the service provider has acquired, shall be prescribed separately "Privacy Policy" and based on "About the handling of personal information", it shall properly handled.

[Change of Article 7 report information, such as release of user registration]
1. registrant is, if there is a change in the notification information, and shall notify the service provider through procedures stipulated promptly of the service provider. Without this notification, the service provider will treat as there is no change in the notification information.
2. because of the lack of notification of the change notification information from the registrant, notification from the service provider, other is delayed, or non-delivery, the case was a failure, the service provider will does not assume its responsibilities .
3. registrant, by carrying out the procedures of the service provider predetermined registration cancellation can cancel the user registration.

[Article 8 negotiable, etc.]
1. registrant, for the rights to this service, shall not be able to act, such as subjected to the setting of other collateral and transferred to third parties or pledge,.
2. registrant of the status is of herself exclusive, buying and selling, it is assumed that it is not possible to name change and succession.

[Article 9 contact or notification]
1. If you when there is a need for contact or notification to the subscriber service provider has determined, do contact or notification by e-mail to the registered email address.
2. The user, except as otherwise provided in this Terms of Use, contact the service provider shall be done from the inquiry form. Service providers do not accept contact and visit by telephone.

[Interruption such as the provision of Article 10 this service]
1. Service provider, if any of the events of the following occur, may be interrupted without the provision of all or part of a temporarily the service to notify in advance to the user.
(1) If the emergency is performed when or serviced perform periodic maintenance of communication facilities in order to provide the Service
(2) fire, if you can no longer provide this service due to a power failure, etc.
(3) earthquake, eruption, flood, if you can no longer provide this service by the natural disaster of the tsunami, etc.
(4) war, unrest, riot, mayhem, if you can no longer provide this service by the labor dispute, etc.
(5) Other, operational or technical, if the service provider has determined require a temporary interruption of the provision of the service
2. If it is determined the service provider is required, it shall be possible to stop or discontinue providing always change the contents of the service or the service, without prior notice.
3. Service providers, even if by any or other reasons in the first term each item of delay or interruption in the provision of all or part of this service is generated, by the user or a third party due to this liable for damages incurred, except where otherwise set forth in this Terms of Use, and does not assume any responsibility.
4. Even if the service provider has stopped or stop the provision of change the contents of this service or this service, and unless otherwise stipulated in this Terms of Use, you are not liable to the user It is a thing.

[Development of Article 11 use environment]
1. The user communications equipment necessary to use the Service, the software all other devices required in association with these, is prepared in the own expense and responsibility, and shall be placed in usable condition You. In addition, upon the use of this service, at your own expense and responsibility, arbitrarily select the user, via a telecommunications service or telecommunications line and shall be connected to the Internet.
2. The user, with the information and other related authorities to provide the reference, according to the self-use environment, infection of computer viruses, and shall be held to prevent a security of unauthorized access and information leakage.
3. service provider, is not involved in any information about the user's use environment, and does not assume any responsibility.

[Article 12 principle of self-responsibility]
1. A user is assumed to use the Service at the own risk of the user himself, for all actions and the result has been made in using this service shall responsible.
2. The user, upon use of this service, in the case of damage or disadvantage to other users and other third parties and service providers, we agree that we have to solve this problem at your own risk and expense.

[Article 13 Prohibitions]
1. The user, when the use of this service, by performing the following actions you want and shall not.
(1) service providers, other users or other third parties (hereinafter referred to as the "others".) Copyright, of the possibility that the act, or infringement to infringe the intellectual property rights such as trademark rights certain Acts
(2) others of property, act to violate the privacy or publicity right, or fear of some act of infringement
(3) The provision of personal information of any particular individual
(4) act to be held jointly by more than one person to the act or one of the registrant of the position held by the status of multiple registrants one user
(5) the act of an alternative user registration the registrant of position to stop or disabled has been registrant
(6) to discrimination or slander others, or to damage the honor or reputation of others act
(7) tamper with the content or information or others content or information that can be accessed this service, act to erase
(8) the service provider or the act of impersonating others (in order to misrepresentation and includes the act of performing the work to the portion of such mail header.)
(9) sends a harmful computer program or the like, or others act to put in can be received state
(10) Pre-movement of election, election campaign (including an act similar to these.) Or acts that violate the Public Offices Election Law
For (11) others, without permission, (including e-mail with the fear.) E-mail that entertain an e-mail or disgust, such as advertising and advertising and solicitation act of sending and receiving emails of others The disturbance to act, act of transfer in accordance with the act or the request to ask the chain of mail transfer
(12) such as to facilitate an act or it beyond the act of exploitation put a load on the server this service act to normal, and interfere with the use of the service by other this service operation and offer or other users, or acts that interfere with them
(13) Information for canceling or avoiding the access control function such as a server, equipment, circulating the software like behavior
(14) duplicates the functionality that is provided by this service, modify, reprint, modify, change, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, act of translation or analysis
(15) without obtaining the consent of, or fraudulent means (including the so-called phishing and means similar to this.) The act to get the registration information of others
For commercial purposes all or part of (16) this service, act to be used regardless of usage (including also act for the purpose of their preparation of.)
(17) report to the regulatory authorities, etc. on the basis of the law, if the procedures for acquisition of approvals are required, the act of using this service without fulfillment the procedures, in violation of other relevant laws and regulations, or violation fear of some act that
(18) act to interfere with the operation of this service, act to interfere with the exchange or sharing of information that others led, the act of giving a disadvantage to the service provider or others of infringement of damage or property rights of credit
(19) a long period of time of the call, too do the repetition of similar inquiry, or to impose that there is no obligation or reason, the act of causing a significantly interfere with the service provider's business
(20) act to play the video by a method other than that it is recognized explicitly in the video playback page Others The services of the service.
(21) The act that infringes the copyright of the videos that are provided in the present service.
(22) In addition to the above items, any act in violation of the laws and regulations or the Terms and Conditions, or to promote the act (violence that violate the public order and morals, fear of certain information or act or in the heart to send or display the brutal image that elicits It will include an act such as that solicit fellow.)
(23) (including the case of others the act is doing.) The act that falls under any of the above items act of a link in order to promote the act to the data can be seen, etc.
(24) acts of other service providers is determined to be unsuitable as a user
2. When the user corresponds to those of the one below, the user, and shall not be able to use this service.
(1) gang
(2) gangster
(3) gang quasi-members
(4) gang related companies
(5) racketeers, etc., social movements such as advocating grounder or special intelligence violence population, etc.
(6) Other previous analogous to each item of persons

[Article 14 user deregistration, etc.]
1. Service providers, in the case or if the user that act of the user is determined to be contrary to the Terms and Conditions is determined to be applicable to the persons specified in the preceding article second term, by the service provider of the judgment, the use any by without notice to persons, the service provider pause delete, and change as well as the services of the content that was sent (outbound) through the Service, (including a stop of the status of the registrant.) release of user registration, We shall be able to deny access to the site.
2. When the service provider has the disposition set forth in the preceding paragraph is, to the email address that has been pre-registered for the registrant, for the user not a registered person to the email address which has been notified from the user suppose you have to be notified to that effect.
3. e-mail from the service provider as defined in the preceding paragraph, if that did not reach to the user by the circumstances of the user, e-mail from the service provider is deemed to have been reached.
4. questions about the service provider's disposal has been made in accordance with the provisions of this Article, the complaint is not accepted at all.

[Article 15 use restrictions]
1. Service provider, when the user falls under any of the following, without obtaining consent of the user, you may want to restrict the use of the services of the user.
(1) infection of the worm-type virus, the route and the like of the large send e-mail, if the registrant has determined that there is a possibility that the range is damage to a third party by involved
(2) telephone, if the contact can not be taken by e-mail, etc.
(3) If a mail piece that has been shipped to the user addressed is sent back to the service provider
(4) In addition to the above items, if the service provider has acknowledged that there is a high urgency
2. By the service provider has to limit the use of the service of the user based on the preceding paragraph, the user can not use this service, as well as this the damage has occurred, the service provider is responsible for any not.

[Article 16] Disclaimer
1. Service providers, for damages of the user who generated by the use of this service, do not assume the liability of all.
2. The user, by utilizing the present service, when given the damage to third parties, the user assumes that you want to compensate for this at your own expense and responsibility.
3. Service providers trouble occurred in this service, error, does not assume any liability for any damage that this service has been caused by the fact that can not be utilized by the failure or the like.
4. In the content and information on this service, as well as this site, the service provider is I shall that can be provided at that time. Information service provider to provide, for sentences other content and information such as software for the user to register and transmission (outbound), its integrity, accuracy, applicability, usability, availability, safety, certainty any guarantee per gender, etc. It does not at all.
5. service provider, to the user, but may make appropriate providing information and advice, and shall not be held responsible for the results.
6. due to some external factors this service, if that data corruption, etc., the service provider is unable to assume responsibility.
7. In the case corresponding to the consumer contract of Terms based on contract consumer contract law (2000 Law No. 61) Article 2, Paragraph 3 of between the user, of the Terms and Conditions , the provisions indemnify fully the responsibility of the service provider is I shall not apply. Contract in accordance with the present terms and conditions applicable to consumer contracts, and, for the case where the service provider bear the liability for damages based on the default or tort, except when there is a deliberate or gross negligence to the service provider, service providers, including the case where the user is and shall bear the liability for damages as the upper limit the damage incurred directly and reality, foresaw per damage, etc. (Breakage resulting from special circumstances, or were able to foresee trout.) For it is assumed that it is not responsible.

About Article 17 during the development of the service]
1. Service provider, as part of the Service or independent service and shall be able to provide services under development.
2. The user, service under development will by its very nature, bug and defect, malfunction, etc., shall be understood to be provided as that may include the failure of symptoms such as that do not work properly.
3. Service provider, when it is determined that the required service provider, it changes the contents of the service being developed at any time without prior notice, or to stop or discontinue the provision of services in development It is assumed that you can.
4. service provider, the integrity of services in development, accuracy, applicability, usability, availability, safety, does not whatsoever guarantee per certainty and the like.

[Article 18 Governing Law]
Terms conforms to Japanese law, it shall be construed.

[Article 19 jurisdiction]
If the need of litigation between the user and the service provider has occurred, and the Tokyo District Court of first instance of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.