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Privacy Policy

Service provider, all the services that are provided by the service provider (hereinafter referred to you as "the Service") to respect the user's privacy to be available, pay close attention to the management of the user's personal information It is a thing.

In order to be the use of this service, upon perusal of the following privacy policy, you must agree to the contents. If you do not agree, the access and use to the Service is prohibited.

1. Personal Information

The "Personal Information" is an information about individuals, name, address, date of birth, age, sex, address, telephone number, family members, e-mail address, ID, IP address, employer, affiliation, Work address, work phone number, credit card number, bank account number, information of visited website, complaint, a consultation or inquiry of information, etc., by combining one or two or more of these , it refers to the things that you can identify a specific individual.

2. Purpose of Use

Service providers, users will be happy to use the personal information obtained by using this service for the following purposes.

1. In order to provide this service
2. In order to be allowed to contact a safe and important matters and the state of the transaction by e-mail or the like to the user in order to get the reliably deal with this service
3. To make your purchase confirmation paid viewing service
4. by such user's age, gender, hobbies, for the provision and advertising and distribution, etc. of the judgment document of improvements and new services of the service
5. In order to prevent the use forms that violate the Terms of Use of this service
6. To create a statistical data such as the user's usage mode (However, when creating the data, it is assumed that processing the data so that it can not identify the individual)
7. In order to deliver your application for confirmation and e-mail e-mail delivery service
8. To provide a check and the service registration to the service
9. your claims of the present products and the services, in order to and the confirmation of payment
10. For the resolution of this service operational trouble
11. In order to customize the contents of this service to individual users
12. for the user to investigate the satisfaction with such information and this product that you have ordered
13. grasp the user's usage, to help in the development of improved and new services of the service
14. various membership services, in order to deliver the guidance of various other services
15. or to ask to participate in the cooperation and various events of the investigation, in order to report the results, etc.
16. In order to understand the usage of this service, to deliver the corporate / organization of information and research that seems to be beneficial beginning to the user service provider
17. In order to send the reward or the like to the questionnaire, etc.
18. In order to send you a free gift, etc. for the sweepstakes, etc.

3. use restrictions

Service provider About personal information acquired by the user to use the Service, with the exception of the cases listed below shall be used within a range necessary for achieving the above purposes.

1. If you are based on the laws and regulations
2.'s life, even if it is necessary for the protection of the body or property, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
3. in a case where there is particularly necessary for the promotion of the improvement or healthy growth of children and public health, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
A 4. If the countries of the organization or person who has received the local government or the commission is required to cooperate with it to carry out the office prescribed by the laws and regulations, the performance of the office by obtaining the consent of the person If there is a possibility to hinder

4. personal information acquisition method

1. Service providers, to the extent that the user use the Service, to get your personal information.
2. service provider, we will be the user information that the user himself has been entered on this web site is acquired and collected.
3. Service providers, for the service provider from the user, e-mail, mail, writing, by means of telephone or the like, will be acquired and collect user information you offer.
4. service provider, if the user has your e-mail software e-mail of the arrival and opening of the confirmation function, you will receive the information about the arrival of e-mail and opening that was sent to the user from the service provider , there is a thing that I am allowed to record. If the user does not wish that to receive the service provider such information, or asked to stop the confirmation function of e-mail software you are using, thank you for your e-mail software without a confirmation function You.
5. service provider, users will be happy to collect the history, such as this service has been the use of this web site. The URL on these pieces of information that the user is used, and includes information such as the browser or the mobile phone type and IP address.
6. For the acquisition of other personal information, is carried out by a proper and fair way, we do not acquired by an unauthorized manner contrary to the user's intention.

5. Notification of Acquisition

Service provider, if the user to obtain personal information in a manner other than the acquisition due to the use of this service notification or publish the purpose of use in advance. even if the purpose of use has been changed, and then published in this service.

6. management of personal information

In the service provider, the user information that I was allowed to collect, general one user under the inaccessible environment, safely stored at the server, which is protected by a firewall, and unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage The resulting so as not to strive. It should be noted that in the service provider, to determine the companies that signed a confidentiality agreement of personal information with the service provider is reliable, but you might want to entrust the handling of personal information, even in this case, user information service It is protected under the provisions of handling user information provider (privacy policy).

7. consignment of management

Service provider, you might want to entrust the handling of acquired personal information. In that case, concluded the necessary agreements the trustee, the trustee will oversee as to properly manage personal information.

8. provision of personal information to third parties

Service provider, for the user's personal information, do not provide to a third party without the user's consent in principle. However, the following cases you do not have this limitation.

1. If the service provider is a part of the inventors of the present service and outsourcing, to provide to the extent necessary for the performance of the commissioned work
2. In order to provide statistical information, if it is integrated or analyzing individual personal information is processed into a format that can not identify the individual, disclose the statistical data
3. In order to charge a fee to users who are using the paid service, if you want to deposit the personal information of users who are using a paid service to the payment system company, credit companies and banks are our subcontractors
4. If the disclosure or provision is permitted by law
5. If the service provider is judged necessary to provide the service on this website. In particular, if a deal on this web site have been made, customers of the e-mail address of the purchaser, will be published in the store operator. Information of the public has been trading partner, only those with the prior consent without the user of the purchaser to be used for the transaction, we will not disclose it to any third party.
6. processing of user information, providing information to the user, in order to carry out the implementation of campaign questionnaire, to determine the companies that signed a confidentiality agreement of personal information with the service provider is reliable, all of the business or If you want to outsource part
7. court, administrative agency, if you were asked to provide the user information from regulatory agencies and other public institutions
8. members are inconvenienced to a third party, in order to solve the problem, if the service provider determines that require the disclosure
9. If the service provider in order to protect the user and third-party rights and interests, etc. of the present service that the service provider is to provide judges with the necessary information disclosure
10. In keeping other the service, if the service provider is determined to require

Disclosure of 9. personal information

Service provider, if the disclosure of personal information of the individual obtained from the user, according to the disclosure. However, in the following cases, it may not be disclosed in whole or in part.

1. If there is a risk of harm to the user or a third person of life, body and property other rights
2. If it is causing serious damage to the business operations of the service provider to comply with disclosure
3. If you want to violate the laws and regulations

10. personal information correction, etc.

Service provider, if the user himself asked for correction, addition, etc. of personal information of the user, on which I was allowed to check the accuracy of and correction, etc. It is the user identity, an appropriate response do. In addition, among the user information you registration, name and zip code, such as a municipality, such as the name or credit card expiration date of the financial institution, if there is a change to the information that there is trouble in making your claim, service provider there is a case where I am allowed to change the user information that is registered.

11. Disclaimer

In the following cases, relates to the acquisition of personal information by a third party, the service provider does not take any responsibility.

1. If the user person in question has to reveal personal information to a third party by using the function or other means of the service provider service
2. If the user by the information or the like input on the service provider's service, individuals had be identified
3.SSL (Secure Socket Layer) registered in this service by non-compliant browser, it offers the user information by the application or order, or e-mail or postal mail, by the information reaching process to the service providers, service providers Browse to unmanaged third party, if it is stolen
4. In spite of the security measures by the service providers, by the unfair actions by hackers, etc., if the resulting damage to users and third parties

About revision of 12. Privacy Policy

Service provider, you may want to revise the whole or part of the privacy policy and without notice. The user, before it becomes the Services to use, please be sure to confirm the handling provisions of the most recent user information. If the user is not in the use of this service, it assumed that you've agreed on the contents of the latest privacy policy.

13. Procedures for disclosure, correction, suspension of use of user information

The user will be asked to log in to this web site in the e-mail address and password you registered, you can you check and correct the user of information you registered at the time of membership registration.