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JU's Music MOV

(ショートVer.) 風が強く吹いていた/大間ジロー

JU's Music MOV

風が強く吹いていた / 大間ジロー (2020.4.4.)

Vocal & Drums : Jiro Oma
Guitar & Bass,Keyboards : Toshimitsu Yoshida
Electoric Guitar : Norio Mikami
Electoric Guitar : Ryoji Kashiwai
Electoric Guitar : Hiroshi Naka
Chorus : Manabu Oshita
Chorus : Ayuko Yoshida

Recorded & Mixed by Toshimitsu Yoshida(East bay studiO)
Arranged & Sound Produced by Toshimitsu Yoshida
Recording Management:Kohko Yoshida

Production Manegement:Daisuke Yamaguchi(Japan Union)
Executive Producer:Reiko Nawa(Japan Union)

Produced by Hitose Oma

Film director :Masahiko Nagasawa

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