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Corelli Slow movements from op.5-10:TNB013

Smart Accompanist

【Tuning】a=415Hz Temperament: Valotti / ヴァロッティ

・Level: Beginner / 初級者向け
・Tempo: Slow / テンポ:ゆっくりめ
・The Antonio Tonelli's realization is adopted in the continuo part.
・装飾の練習用にゆっくりめに演奏しています。通奏低音はAntonio Tonelliのレアリゼ―ションを演奏しています。


【Accompanist】The Jugong Boys
The Jugong Boys is a Japanese duo of the baroque cellist Toru YAMAMOTO and the continuist Takuya NEMOTO. They studied together in Tokyo University of Arts and then established the duo since 2014.
Motto: “Chubby like a dugong, cool like a Junon boy.”

●Takuya Nemoto, harpsichord
TAKUYA NEMOTO obtained an MMus in conducting from Tokyo University of the Arts. As a student, he had grasped various theatrical works in their original languages, such as English, German, French, Italian, Czech, and even Latin. His singular capability for diction coaching makes him an integral presence in the industry, having been already engaged for hundreds of performances by New National Theatre Tokyo and other key opera companies in Japan. He earned a diploma in basso continuo at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon (France). He also plays cembalo in The Jugong Boys (a duo with a Baroque cellist) and others. As a composer, he placed third (no first/second place winner) in the Ensemble category at the 3rd Tokyo Katsushika Composition Competition 2015. In June 2016, his trio Nemo Concertato (with sax and voice) released the CD book Shuntaro for Adults (Artes Publishing) dedicated to Shuntaro Tanigawa’s poetry. His first opera Kagetora, commissioned by the Myoko Culture Promotion Organization, premiered in December 2018 and was met with accolades.

●Toru Yamamoto, cello
Toru Yamamoto studied at Tokyo National University of Arts and ZHdK(Züricher Hochschule der Künste). Toru was awarded quite many prizes such as 2nd prize 16th International Bach-Leipzig Competition in 2008, Honorable mention at MA competition in Brugge in 2011, 1st prize at International Van Wassenaer Competition, Amsterdam 2011. Now he plays regularly with Bach Collegium Japan, Orchestra Libera Classica, L’orchestre d’avant-garde and many other leading orchestras and ensembles with historical instruments in Japan.


● 根本 卓也 チェンバロ
東京藝術大学大学院修士課程 (指揮専攻) 修了。鈴木雅明氏との出会いから古楽へと傾倒、大学卒業後渡仏。国立リヨン高等音楽院で通奏低音のディプロマを取得。帰国後は新国立劇場オペラ部門音楽スタッフとして年間を通し公演に寄与する傍ら、チェンバロ奏者・作曲家としても活動。2016年5月、ラモー《プラテ》でピリオド楽器のオーケストラを率いて、オペラ指揮者デビューを飾る。2016年6月にサックス・歌とのトリオ「Nemo Concertato」で、谷川俊太郎の詩に寄せた、メンバー自作曲による、CDブック 『大人のための俊太郎』 を上梓 (アルテスパブリッシング刊) 。2018年12月には初のオペラ《景虎(仮題)》が(公財)妙高文化振興事業団の委嘱で初演され、好評を博した。

● 山本 徹 バロック・チェロ

● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jugongboys/

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