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【Smart Accompanistへようこそ!】



Smart Accompanistは、アマチュア古楽奏者がより手軽にアンサンブルを楽しみ、学ぶための「プロの古楽奏者によるマイナスワン動画」販売サービスです。



■Smart Accompanistリクエストフォーム

現在Smart Accompanistでは、古楽愛好家がたとえ独りでもより楽しく、実り豊かな演奏体験ができるよう、本サービスにてマイナスワンの演奏動画を提供くださるプロの古楽奏者さまを広く募集しています。詳しくは以下のページをご参照ください。


[English below]

”Enjoy musical ensemble, at home, alone.”

Recently, it is more often the case we, amateur musicians, see early music performances of early music posted on online media or SNS.

They are all great, well, mostly if it's not all. But at the same time, don't you think "what if one of the parts were just silent so I can join"?

This service was created to make that happen.

For professional musicians: If you make a musical clip with one part silenced and put it on this site, it would sell. Please contact on smartaccompanist@gmail.com and give it a try.

For amateur musicians: Please find the pieces you would like to enjoy in an ensemble, or you can post a request through the "community" function on the top menu.

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