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Robert Carr Divisions upon an Italian Ground:AUA004

Smart Accompanist


・Level: beginner/intermediate / 初級・中級者向け
・Tempo: a bit slow / テンポ:ゆっくりめ

Played in a bit slow tempo, with relatively steady tacts. Please come in the theorbo's eight-bar introduction. If you use the original score, don't forget repeating the first theme one last time, preferably with your own arrangement!


【Accompanist】Asako Ueda, historical plucked instrument player
The Japanese lutenist Asako Ueda is based in the Netherlands. She has played in many European countries, including Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Iceland, as well as Japan and Taiwan. She plays several different instruments: various types of Renaissance lute, vihuela, theorbo, Renaissance and Baroque guitars and Baroque violin and viola. She established herself not only as an ensemble player but also as a prominent soloist, giving solo recitals on theorbo at the Luitdag of the Dutch Lute Society (NL), and on the Renaissance lute at the Dag van het Kasteel (NL). Rudolf Hunnik wrote of her performance with Maarten Engeltjes at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam: “The moment when Ueda played “Toccata Arpeggiata” [by Kapsberger] was beautiful. One could see it happen: the theorbo player completely detached herself from the score and became one with the music, which thus sounded compelling.”She won first prize at the Biagio Marini Competition (DE) and third prize at the International Van Wassenaer Competition (NL), both times with Ensemble IJ SPACE.She studied the lute at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Mike Fentross and Joachim Held and completed her Bachelor, graduating with the highest achievable mark (10). She has been granted the Excellence Scholarship of the Royal Conservatory of the Hague, allowing her to continue to the Master’s program.Her first instrument was the violin, which she started when she was five years old. After finishing her Bachelor’s degree in violin in Tokyo, she continued at the same college to study the Baroque violin and composition.

【奏者】上田朝子 Asako Ueda, lute/theorbo/baroque guitar/renaissance guitar
古楽アンサンブル「コントラポント」、古楽アンサンブル「プティ・ヴィオロン」、古楽アンサンブル「La Musica Collana」、「アンサンブル室町」、「サリクス・カンマーコア」「IJ SPACE」「Maarten Engeltjes & PRJCT Amsterdam」メンバー。「Sponte sua」をトラヴェルソ奏者のパブロ・ソーサと共に設立。
2019年にclavesよりリリースされたアルバム、IJ SPACE “Mancini 6 Recorder Sonatas” 、2020年にSonyよりリリースされたPRJCT Amsterdam "Nicht Mehr hier"の録音に参加。

● Web: https://asakoueda.com
● Instagram:@uedaasako
● Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gqQtlfFpwH6Pttq0blkGw

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